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The MoonFitness mission is to create a balanced lifestyle for people who want to both feel and look amazing! I bring together the power of great nutrition with training to create a maintainable lifestyle that promotes internal health and external strength. MoonFitness is meant to be an all-in-one source for those looking to be given honest and true guidance in regards to improving their lifestyle. In this blog you will find the groundbreaking Mind Body Musings Podcast, recipes, workouts, nutritional guidance, videos, insight on fitness competitions, supplement reviews, information on the latest up-and-coming health products and so much more! Welcome to your new source for healthy living!


Michelle Yeager: Living with Intuition, Accepting Your Body, and How to Break Free From The Dieting Rut

EPISODE 12 Michelle Yeager is a former fitness model and physique competitor. Her main goal was aesthetics for years until she wound up in an unhealthy place, both physically and mentally. Michelle did what many people in the fitness industry cannot do but so wish they could. She took a step back to analyze her lifestyle and what she wanted for her future. Michelle is now on the road to real healt...

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Alex Navarro & Mary J. Gines: How To Transform Your Body with Stress-Free Nutrition

EPISODE 11 Today I’m talking with two lovely ladies about how to combine stress-free eating with stress-free living for amazing results, both on the inside and outside! I met both of these girls at PaleoFX two years ago, when I was searching for some guidance on how to live in harmony with a healthy body AND mind. Since then, they’ve come a long way in both their goals and¬†entrepreneur...

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