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The MoonFitness mission is to create a balanced lifestyle for people who want to both feel and look amazing! I bring together the power of great nutrition with training to create a maintainable lifestyle that promotes internal health and external strength. MoonFitness is meant to be an all-in-one source for those looking to be given honest and true guidance in regards to improving their lifestyle. In this blog you will find the groundbreaking Mind Body Musings Podcast, recipes, workouts, nutritional guidance, videos, insight on fitness competitions, supplement reviews, information on the latest up-and-coming health products and so much more! Welcome to your new source for healthy living!


Matt Stone: Creating a High Metabolic Rate, Eating With Instinct & the Importance of Rest

EPISODE 2 Today I have the absolute pleasure to talk with Matt Stone about the pitfalls of being too health-obsessed and why you could be leading your body down a very dangerous road. Matt also tells us how you can build your metabolism back up so you too can be a functioning human being once more! Within this episode you’ll learn how you can eat the foods you love, feel better than ever bef...

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Why I Decided to Give Up Bodybuilding Competitions & Pursue Real Health

Considering a fitness competition? I share some of my experience here and explain WHY I’m pursuing REAL health now and forever. Check out this video for more insights into the bodybuilding world, and why I’m not competing in bodybuilding again. (not for awhile at least) Use this video to kickstart your OWN beautiful journey to loving yourself unconditionally. Next, sign up for your fre...

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