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Yay, I got my first blogging nomination! I was nominated by fellow blogger RunningGirl, who also posts lots of great tips on weight loss, finding motivation and of course, running. Thank you so much for the Versatile Blogger Award!

The rules for accepting this award are:

  • Display the award certificate on your website.
  • Announce your win with a post and include a link to whoever presented your award.
  • Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers. 
  • Create a post linking to them and drop them a comment to tip them off.
  • Post 7 interesting facts about yourself

So here are my blogger nominations:


Here are my 7 interesting facts:
1. I love black jelly beans
2. My favourite author is Chuck Palahniuk
3. I only had 3 years of high school because I skipped my senior year and went to the University of Arkansas (later transferred to UT Austin)
4. If I could have any dog it would be an Italian Greyhound
5. I’ve always wanted to write a book
6. I usually can’t go to sleep unless I put on chapstick first
7. Favourite dessert combo is mint and chocolate

Probably not the most original facts but it’s all I could think of right now.
Anyways, 2 more days till Christmas and I have one last present to wrap. Bennett and I went out the other night, a grabbed a couple drinks with our friends. I’m usually a little iffy about having too many nights out drinking but hey, its the holidays and I’m having a good time. What’s your point of view on holidays and diet? Everybody is so different but I’ve made the conclusion that it’s good to enjoy good food and drinks in moderation.


We exchanged our Christmas presents before we went out. He’s so sweet- he bought me the most beautiful earrings made by a local Austin jeweler, Limbo Jewelry. He also bought me a Modest Mouse vinyl, some comfy American Apparel socks and….yes…the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. He knows I’m a huge nerd:) I got him a nice pen from Paradise Pens and a whiskey glass collection. Such a lovely Pre-Christmas exchange before we parted ways for the holidays. I’m now in Dallas, sitting in the kitchen, stuffed on chocolate protein pancakes (made with pea protein this time) and about to wrap those last few gifts. Merry Christmas everybody! What are you doing tomorrow night and Christmas Day?

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  1. Thanks for the award nomination Maddy. I’m honored to be included among such a list of great bloggers. We have some things in common. Love freshly chapsticked lips before going to bed too (have you ever tried My Lip Stuff brand? My favorite – totally addicted!!), and one can never have enough of the mint-chocolate combo in my opinion. Love the mint chocolate Hershey Kisses at Christmas.

    Thanks again and Merry Christmas. Enjoy your time out with friends. Nothing wrong with that. :)

    • Heather- I absolutely love your blog! I have it bookmarked and I frequently visit it. Your posts are very honest and genuine which can be really inspiring! So than you very much for that:) And I’m looking up My Lip Stuff right now- I think I’m going to be addicted!! Thank you for sharing, have a great Christmas!

  2. Thank you lady!!!

    I’m way more lenient during the holidays. I’m taking a few days off from the gym and letting myself eat plenty of indulgent foods (within reason!). Dessert is no stranger to this girl!

    • Awh yay that’s great! These holidays come only once a year and they’ll soon be just a memory and all the “bad” foods will be gone and burned off in no time. Let’s celebrate!

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